Southern California Theme Parks trip - Part Two

Day three - Disneyland Park

After we woke up, we ate the hotel's breakfast and then drove to Disneyland California Resort. We went to Disneyland first, then California Adventure the following day.

Since we had a two day hopper tickets, we got tickets so when we entered California Adventure, we did not need to use the printed papers to have admission.

Southern California Theme Parks trip - Part One

- Part Two -


Day one - from SF Bay Area to Carlsbad

This is a simple five day trip that is mostly in Southern California. We first went to Legoland and then moved on to Disneyland Resort. We left the Bay Area at 8:00 and drove south only stopping to eat lunch and going to the bathroom. We arrived at Carlsbad at 6:00pm and shopped and ate dinner at Carlsbad Premium Outlets and stayed at Hyatt Place Vista-Carlsbad for the night.

8 Days in Puerto Vallarta's Fiesta Americana All Inclusive & Spa Hotel

In late 2016, we went to Mexico with a friend, and we had a lot of fun.

The city we visited was Puerto Vallarta. There were markets, tourist attractions, and many other interesting things in the city.

Eight-day trip to Puerto Vallarta

This journey is an unforgettable trip to record and a trip to Mexico with friends, and we almost redefined the meaning of happiness!

First Day